Farragut to Offer a Simplified Solution to Boost Revenue for Counties across NC

Durham, NC – July 24, 2012. Posted by Shelley Hare.

Farragut Systems, a software development company in Durham, NC provides implementation and support services for the North Carolina Property Tax System, an integrated property tax system, to ten of the largest counties across NC.

NCPTS has helped these counties reduce their work loads, increase their collections, and improve their valuation accuracy, but has been primarily viewed as a larger county solution that doesn’t fit within the budgets or technical infrastructure of smaller counties.

Now, Farragut is introducing a new version of the product called the NCPTS Cloud to address the specific needs of smaller North Carolina counties.

Farragut plans for the NCPTS Cloud solution to offer the same functionality that has helped larger counties, just at a more affordable annual cost. This system will also require no upfront investment and no county hardware or IT resources – just a web browser.

The need for a tax system that is more efficient is a sentiment that is felt in counties state wide. Older systems become overwhelmed with the amount of data and new statutory regulations that even the smallest counties must handle on a daily basis. Farragut hopes that with the option of the NCPTS Cloud, smaller counties will now be able to upgrade their systems to the latest technology.

Farragut is currently developing a focus group to better determine the specific needs of smaller counties as they design the new system.

About Farragut Systems

Farragut specializes in providing software solutions for the complex problems that plague local governments and in particular property tax.

Their team of experts zeros in on their client’s exact needs to produce a product that increases efficiency, eliminates duplicate data entry, and saves local governments money.

Among their flagship products are NCPTS, a complete end-to-end property tax solution for NC local governments and AddressOne, a state of the art GIS-enabled addressing solution.

For more information about FARRAGUT or their products visit www.farragut.com.