Make Sure You Make the Most of the New NCVTS Launch Date

Durham, NC – May 8, 2013. Posted by Melanie Parker.

Making the Most of the Revised NCVTS Launch Date

Thank you to all of the county tax office staff for your hard work, attendance, and dedication throughout the NCVTS implementation process. You have completed training, attended a number of educational webinars, given feedback and advice, suggested enhancements, and much more throughout the entire development of the new motor vehicle tax system.

While the NCVTS go-live date has changed, our commitment to helping county NCVTS users ensure success with the new system remains strong. Over the next few weeks, we will be allowing counties additional training and learning opportunities to keep your NCVTS know-how top of mind.

In addition to the opportunity for more practice, the rescheduled go-live date will also give counties the opportunity to improve their situs database before the next upload.

Finally, when NCVTS officially goes live you will have some additional reports, updates, and documentation to look forward to including a new financial report, the Upload Summary Report, and the NCVTS User Manual.

Between the additional opportunities for hands-on practice and situs database improvements, we’re sure the next few weeks will fly by and we look forward to working with you through the re-launch of NCVTS.