NCPTS Public Web

Do you find yourself spending hours chasing down information for taxpayers? Are you frequently frustrated by the difficulty involved in providing simple answers and services to taxpayers?

If this describes you, I have good news. NCPTS Public Web solves these problems and more. Just imagine:

  • Taxpayers have a convenient and easy-to-use website where they can view and pay current and past bills
  • Legal, banking, and surveying professionals can easily search tax bills, parcel information, payments, and abstracts.
  • Information is accessible 24/7

Best yet, requests that used to take you hours or days to answer can now be met instantly, without a single call to your department!

Learn more about NCPTS Public Web and how it can save you time, improve taxpayer service, and bolster the reputation of your tax office. Schedule a demo today.

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"The in-house efficiencies have been tremendous. We have found ways to do things in less time with less people."

Ben Chavis, Tax Director, Guilford County